ISLAA Highlights 2015


 Session 1

Understanding the Anatomy and Physiology of Left Atrial Appendage – Dr. Samuel Asirvatham

Understanding the Role of LAA in Systemic Thromboembolization – Dr. Luigi Di Biase

Role of LAA in Atrial Arrhythmias Origin and Maintenance – Dr. Andrea Natale

Panel Discussion –Dr. Moussa Mansour and Dr. Apostolos Tzikas

 Session 2

Risk Assessment Tools for Stroke Prophylaxis and Bleeding – Practical Use – Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad

Managing Antiplatelet Therapy and Anticoagulation in Patients with CAD and Atrial Fibrillation – Dr. Apostolos Tzikas

Everyone with CHADs2 Score of 2 or More Should be Considered for LAA Closure/Ligation — Pro – Dr. Saibal Kar, Con – Dr. Moussa Mansour

Anatomic Implications on the Choice of LAA Exclusion Devices – A Practical Guide – Dr. Shepal Doshi

Panel Discussion – Dr. Rodney Horton and Dr. John Camm  

 Session 3

Long Term Morbidity and Mortality of AF Patients Who Can’t Take Anticoagulation – Real World Data – Dr. John Camm

Managing Patients Who Failed Oral Anticoagulation Therapy – Role of LAA Exclusion – Dr. Randall Lee

Essentials of Transseptal Puncture and Dry Pericardial Access as is Relevant to LAA Exclusion – Dr. Kalyanam Shivkumar

Patient Selection: Who is a Good Candidate for Which LAA Exclusion Device – Dr. James Cox

Evolution of Percutaneous Techniques in LAA Occlusion or Exclusion – Are We There Yet? – Dr. Moussa Mansour

Is LAA Occlusion/Exclusion Good Enough to Allow for Discontinuation of Coumadin in Patients with AF and Higher Risk for Thromboembolization? – Dr. Miguel Valderrabano

Panel Discussion – Dr. Abdi Rasekh and Dr. Shepal Doshi

Session 4

The Munich Expert Consensus Document of LAA Closure – Dr.                          Thorsten Lewalter

Five Year Follow Up Data on Watchman in Coumadin Eligible                             Patients – Dr. Vivek Reddy

1:30 pm      Lariat Data Anticoagulation Contraindicated Patients – Multicenter                    Experience – Dr. Saibal Kar

1:45 pm      Differences Between the ACP and Amulet Devices – Dr. Jacqueline                      Saw

 Session 5

Moderators: Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, Dr. Andrea Natale, Dr. Vivek Reddy, Dr. Randall Lee

LAA Occlusion Using Amplatzer Amulet Plug – Dr. Apostolos Tzikas

How to Avoid Overlap of the PVs and Mitral Valve – Dr. Thorsten Lewalter

LAA Ligation Using the Lariat – Dr. Saibal Kar

Role of Colchicine for Minimizing Pericardial Inflammation – Dr. Hasokote Nagaraj

LAA Occlusion Using Watchman Device –Dr. Saibal Kar

Device Sizing and Deployment – Dr. Vijay Swarup

LAA Ligation Using Atriclip – Dr. Ali Khoynezhad

VATS vs Minithoracotomy – Pros and Cons – Dr. Basel Ramlawi

Hybrid AF Ablation – The Team Approach – Dr. Stephen Stark

Panel Discussion: Dr. Jacqueline Saw and Dr. Miguel Valderrabano

Session 6

Moderators: Dr. James Cox and Dr. Shephal Doshi

Systemic Anticoagulation and Atrial Fibrillation – How Do You Select Which Drug for Whom? – Dr. Samuel Asirvatham

Practical Tips for Periprocedural Use of Transesophageal Echo in LAA Exclusion – Dr. Swaminatha Gurudevan

Preventing and Managing Complications in LAA Exclusion Procedures – Thrombus, Perforation, Device Embolization, etc. – Dr. Apostolos Tzikas

Novel Anticoagulant Trial Roundup – RELY, Rocket, Aristotle and   Engage AF – Dr. Michael Ezekowitz

Post Procedural Antithrombotic Management After LAA Exclusion Understanding an Imperfect Science – Dr. Matthew Earnest

Panel Discussion – Dr. Matthew Earnest and Dr. Michael Ezekowitz

Should LAA Be Ligated Routinely During an Open Heart Surgery in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation? – Pro – Dr. Richard Whitlock, Con – Dr. James Edgerton

 Session 7

Moderators: Dr. Andrea Natale and Dr. Vivek Reddy

LAA Exclusion as an Adjunctive Therapy for AF Ablation – The LAALA AF Study – Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

Understanding the Antidotes for Oral and Systemic Anticoagulants – Dr. Michael Ezekowitz

Stroke Prophylaxis on a global Scale – Drugs or Devices? – Dr. John Camm

Role of CT Imaging in Left Atrial Appendage Exclusion – Planning and Surveillance – Dr. Jacqueline Saw

Panel Discussion –Dr. Abdi Rasekh and Dr. Hasakote Nagaraj

Session 8

Moderator: Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

Watchman Trials Update – Dr. Saibal Kar

Lariat Trials Update – Dr. Abdi Rasekh

Amplatzer Cardiac Plug – Dr. Jacqueline Saw

Atriclip and Other Surgical Tools – Dr. Basel Ramlawi

Early Experience with Wavecrest Technology – Dr. Brian Whisenant

Who Should Perform LAA Occlusion/Exclusion Procedures? A 3 Way Debate with a Surgeon, EP and Internationalist – Dr. James Cox, Dr. Vivek Reddy and Dr. Horst Sievert

Panel Discussion – Dr. Ryan Ferrell and Dr. Vijay Swarup

 Session 9

Moderators: Dr. Miguel Valderrabano

How to Set Up and Grow a Successful Multidisciplinary LAA Exclusion Program – Dr. Rodney Horton

Cost Effectiveness of LAA Exclusion Compared to Long Term Oral Anticoagulation in Risk Reduction for AF Patients – Dr. Andrea Natale

Newer LAA Exclusion Technologies – Lifetech, Occlutech, Aegis, Prolipsis and more – Dr. Horst Sievert

How to Design a Clinical Trial to Assess the Role of LAA Exclusion Device in OAT Contraindicated Patients – Dr. Vivek Reddy

Post Procedural LAA Exclusion Leak – Mechanisms, Implications, and Treatment – Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

Panel Discussion – Dr. Ryan Ferrell

 Session 10

My Most Interesting Cases of LAA Exclusion with Expert Panel

  • Saibal Kar, Dr. Andrea Natale, Dr. Vivek Reddy, Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy





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