ISLAA Highlights 2017


Session I – LAA Exclusion Anatomy and Imaging

Understanding the LAA Anatomy – Relevance to Systemic Thromboembolization an Exclusion Techniques – Dr. Samuel Asirvatham

Pre and Intraprocedural TEE Imaging for Effective LAA Exclusion – Dr. Jayant Nath

CT Imaging for LAA Exclusion – Pre and Post Procedural Assessment – Dr. Jacqueline Saw

Laying Down a Road Map for Successful Closure – 3D Printing, Osirix, and More – Dr. Randall Lee

Session I – Panel Discussion

Session II – WATCHMAN Case 1

WATCHMAN Case Part 1

WATCHMAN Case Part 2

Post Implant Anticoagulation – Antiplatelet Treatment, Warfarin and NOACs – Dr. David R. Holmes Jr.

WATCHMAN Leaks – Prevention, Implications and Management – Dr. Srinivas Dukkipati

Structural Issues of WATCHMAN: What Should the Future Device Look Like? – Dr. Saibal Kar

Session II – Panel Discusison

Session III Lariat Case

Tips and Tricks for Safe Epicardial Access – Micropuncture, EPiEP and More – Dr. Luigi Di Biase

Lariat Case – Dr. David Burkhardt and Dr. David Tschopp

Managing Post Procedural Pericardial Drain and Pericarditis – Dr. Madhu Reddy

Session III – Panel Discussion

Session IV – WATCHMAN Case

Tips and Tricks for Safe Transseptal Puncture and Device Manipulation – Dr. Maurice Buchbinder


How to Prevent and Manage Device Embolization – Dr. Vivek Reddy

Managing Pericardial Effusions, Onsite Thrombus in WATCHMAN Cases – Dr. Thorsten Lewalter

Session IV – Panel Discussion

Session V – Lariat Case

How to Avoid and Manage Pericardial Access Related Complications – Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

Evolution of the Lariat Procedure – Lessons Learned – Dr. Randall Lee

Lariat Leaks – Prevention, Implications and Management – Dr. Abdi Rasekh

Physiologic Impact of LAA Exclusion – ANP, RAAS, Reservoir Function and All – Dr. Andrea Natale

LAA Exclusion in Arrhythmia Treatment – LAALA AF, AMAZE, and More – Dr. David Wilber

Session V – Panel Discussion

Session VI – Interesting Cases

Most Interesting LAA Closure Cases – Dr. Lars Sondergaard, Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy and Dr. Ali Khoynezhad

Session VII – Amulet ACP Device

Amulet Plug – Dr. Matthew Earnest

Managing Post Procedural Anticoagulation and Antiplatelet Treatment – The European and Canadiian Experience – Dr. Lars Sondergaard

Understanding and Managing Leaks, Pulmonary Vein and Mitral Valve Impingement in Amulet – Dr. Jacqueline Saw

Session VII – Panel Discussion

Session VIII – AtriClip Device

Anatomic Considerations for AtriClip – Mini-Thoracotomy/VATS/Open Approach – Dr. Sasha Salzberg

AtriClip – Dr. Gansevoort Dunnington

Post Procedural Management of AtriClip – Pericarditis/Anticoagulation/Imaging – Dr. Basel Ramlawi

Session VIII – Panel Discussion

Session IV – Miscellaneous LAA Occlusion Devices

Current Data and the Ongoing Clinical Trials with LAmbre – Dr. Jie Cheng

WaveCrest Device – Dr. Vivek Reddy

Less Studied LAA Occlusion Devices — An Overview (Includes Aegis/Occlutech/Prolipse/Cardia/Acoredis and More) – Dr. Maurice Buchbinder

Session IV – Panel Discussion

Session X – Show Me the Data

WATCHMAN Trials Update – Dr. Saibal Kar

Lariat Trials Update – Dr. Suneet Mittal

AtriClip and Other Surgical Tools – LAAOs III and More – Dr. James Edgerton

WaveCrest Device Trials Update – Dr. Vivek Reddy

Session X – Panel Discussion

Session XI – Oral Anticoaguatlants in 2017

LAA Exclusion is a Better Strategy for Stroke Prophylaxis than Oral Anticoagulation in AF Patients – Debate with Dr. Rodney Horton and Dr. Moussa Mansour

How to Build a Successful LAA Referral Program – Dr. Vijay Swarup

What Other Data is Needed in the LAA Space – The Triumphs and Trials at a Regulatory Level – Dr. Andrew Farb

Transitioning LA Exclusion Technology from Clinical Trials to Market Place – Lessons Learned from the Lariat, WATCHMAN and ACP Experience – Dr. Andrea Natale

LAA Exclusion in Warfarin Ineligible Patients – How to Design the Right Trial – Dr. Saibal Kar

Session XI – Panel Discussion

Session XII – Practical Issues in Stroke Prophylaxis 

Are NOACs Really that Much Better than Warfarin? The Impact of Compliance and Real World Issues – Dr. Thomas Deering

Updates on the NOAC Quartet – Dabigatran, Rivaroxaban, Apixaban and Edoxaban – Dr. Moussa Mansour

How Do You Choose Which NOAC for Whom? Clinical Decision Path for a Clinician – Dr. Luigi Di Biase

Subclinical Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke – Dr. Srinivas Dukkipati

Assessing Intracerebral Hemorrhage Risk: Old Bleeds, Microbleeds, Superficial Siderosis  – Dr. Edip M. Gurol

Role of Octreotide Therapy for Microvascular Gut Bleeding on OAC – Emerging Data – Dr. Vijay Swarup

Session XII – Panel Discussion

Session XIII – Clinical Cases

Simultaneous LAA Occlusion with TAVR/MitraClip/ASD Closure – Dr. Lars Sondergaard


The Results from LAARGE Registry: Real World Patient Selections and Acute Procedural Outcome in LAAO Implantation – Dr. Thorsten Lewalter

Additional Discussion

Clinical Case Vignettes –  Dr. Jacqueline Saw

Clinical Case Vignettes –  Dr. Apostolos Tzikas


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